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Kitchen Remodel Colors | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Colors: Options and Trends

kitchen remodel colorsAre you planning a kitchen or bathroom makeover? One of the easiest ways to make a huge impact on your remodel project is to pick a new color scheme and incorporate it into your design. This doesn’t apply only to painting walls, of course. You can use your kitchen remodel colors selection throughout your entire kitchen renovation, including flooring, tile, cabinets and appliances. Here are several effective color schemes that are perfect for both bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.

Black / White

Many homeowners find black and white particularly appealing for bathroom and kitchen remodels. This combination creates a sophisticated, classic, and sleek atmosphere in your space. So talk to your home remodeling company about using black and white for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

White / Red

Choosing red and white can have a similar impact on your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the shade of red you select, your space can either scream sophistication or simmer with warmth.

Brown / Grey

Like the idea of a warm bathroom or kitchen? Talk to your home remodeling contractor about incorporating brown and grey into your design plans. This pair is cozy and neutral, without being too bland.

Blue / Black

Blue and black are becoming a common choice for homeowners planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel. These colors generate a cool and refreshing, yet incredibly sleek, atmosphere.

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